Small and Effective Mindfulness 
                   Meditation Course for Beginners

Mindfulness meditation is mental cultivation or mind training. Through which, your mind, indeed your whole life, goes through spiritual growth — your mind becomes clear so that better self-understanding can arise. You become more wholesomely aware of yourself, of others, of your environment and ultimately of true reality itself.

Meditation makes you happy simply by yourself. There is this beautiful and powerful stillness in the centre of your life despite the storm around you.

Some Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation:
  • Relax
  • Deep rest
  • De-stress
  • Increase mental focus (esp for students)
  • Greater mindfulness & awareness
  • Being happy
  • Age healthily
  • Emotional & physical well-being
  • Pain relief

You will learn about:
  1. The nature of the mind
  2. Why & how to meditate
  3. Overcoming Mental Hindrances 
  4. Focussing the mind
  5. Dealing with negative habits
  6. Overcoming Drowsiness
  7. Self-healing
  8. Emotional resilience
  9. Sleeping well

Interesting meditation facts:

  • Based on living Buddhist meditation tradition over 2500 years old
  • Meditation is safe & effective if you learn from a qualified & experienced instructor
  • Meditation is a mainstream practice in Asia, the USA & the West
  • Meditation can heal the mind and body
  • Meditation helps increase attention span & productivity
  • Meditation keeps the mind healthily active as we age (neuroplasticity)

Ven. Ṭhitañāṇo Bhikkhu or Ven. Piyaratana Walmoruwe
Date, time, venue, fees etc. - according to our agreement.

Incl. Course Reader

Who should attend?
Health care professionals, social workers, care-givers, executives, clergy, managers, lecturers, teachers, parents, or anyone interested in the mind and mental health.

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