Death & Living 

                             Strategies for a happy life

Who should attend this course?
Teachers, supervisors, managers, caregivers, counsellors & anyone interested in true lasting happiness, & meaning and purpose of life, that is, anyone who is living.

Course Contents:
  1. “The Last Breath” The last moments of a death row inmate
  2. The last 48 hours of life
  3. The 4 tasks of grief
  4. Understand what life really is
  5. Dealing with fear and mental pain
  6. What happens when we die?
  7. Have we live before, will we live again?
  8. How we create own world
  9. Can we communicate with the dead?
  10. How to “transfer” merit to the dead
  11. The 12 links of life, death and rebirth
  12. Is rebirth immediate or takes 49 days?
  13. Good life, good death, good rebirth
  14. Gods, demons and ghosts: do they exist?
  15. How not to fear death and dying

Instructor: Ven. Ṭhitañāṇo Bhikkhu or/and Ven. Piyaratana Walmoruwe
Date, time, venue, fees etc. - according to our agreement.

Incl. Course Reader

Who should attend?
Health care professionals, social workers, care-givers, executives, clergy, managers, lecturers, teachers, parents, or anyone interested in the mind and mental health.

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