Venue:  Tallinn, Estonia
June 2019

Organized by:

Estonian Theravada Sangha (Estonia)
Peradenia University (Sri Lanka)
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (Thailand)

Executive Board of the Conference

-   Andrus Kahn, Chairman of the Board    info@sangha.ee      +66 94485 1805
-   Sandra Mägi,  Estonian Coordinator      femalebuddha@gmail.com  +372 5853 0722

The language of the conference is English, with translation into Estonian

Please join in the 3rd International Tipiṭaka Conference!

Estonian Embassy in India, New Delhi: 

-  Online visa form can be filled here
   -  Requirements can be found here
        -  It takes 10 working days to process the visa applications.
        -  Travel insurance is mandatory covering dates of travel.
        -  Flight itinerary is a must, not a confirmed booking.
        -  Proof of confirmed accommodation is essential.
        -  Proof of finances is required.

Embassy of Finland in Thailand, Bangkok:
        -  Visa Services can be found here

Tallink City Hotel
: 105 EUR
Tallink Hotels Booking Centre in Estonia | Ph: +372 6300 808
Open: Mon - Fri 08: 30-18: 00 (local times) | hotelbooking@tallink.ee 

Good price:
Baltic Boutique Apartments : 50 EUR (3-5 peop. in apartment)
Tallinn, Soo 24, Tel: +372 5456 3654 | http://bba-apartments.com 

Meriton Old Town Hotel : 45 - 65 EUR

Registration and Information

Sandra Mägi,  Estonian Coordinator, femalebuddha@gmail.com  +372 5853 0722

Venue of the Conference (Tallink City Hotel):

Eesti theravaada sangha estonian theravada sangha andrus kahn thitanano bhikkhu Ṭhitañāṇo bhikkhu Head of Estonian Sangha